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Kirsty Stainthorpe

I can't recommend Paws to Run more highly. I have never met a person more dedicated to understanding a dogs needs and responding accordingly. I'm totally confident of my dogs safely, care and affection that she gets during her time at Paws to Run. My dog is so excited to see Suzanne and with her training routine is a much happier and more content doggy. We're so glad we found her.

Casey Paine

Brilliant service, Beau loves going for walkies with Suzanne! And a huge thanks to Suzanne for rushing Beau to the vets after breaking out in hives on the walk and getting her treated so quickly! Top dog walker!!

Kellie Jerram

I have nothing but praise for 'Paws To Run'. Suzanne is a very patient, kind person who really will give you fur baby a good workout. I have found her to be trustworthy and reliable and very patient with my dog. I would wholeheartedly recommend her service to anyone who is looking for help with exercising their dog. Thank you Suzanne for the great workouts you gave my little man. kellie

Paws To Run

High Energy Dog Exercising in Great Ashby, Stevenage

  • Is your dog very energetic and getting into mischief at home?
  • Is he destructive?
  • Is he displaying signs of boredom by constantly chewing or licking at his paws?
  • Is your pet a bit overweight?
  • Perhaps you have a dog who cannot be let off leash but needs to engage in a more physical activity than what a simple walk on leash can offer.
  • Maybe you simply need an extra hand during busy periods in you life.

Paws To Run was created specifically for exuberant dogs in need of an outlet. From a gentle walk to a full blown workout, all options will be tailored to the individual needs of each dog.

  • I do one on one walks with dogs who need special attention, at no extra cost.
  • I fully encourage off leash walks in order for your pet to get the full benefit of this type of exercise. This promotes confidence whilst at the same time working on recall and basic obedience.
  • Even if your dog must remain on leash, and he or she needs to spend energy, he or she will get fully exercised with the K9 Super Athlete Run program during which we do a demanding cross country run. I alternate between running and cycling to keep it both challenging and exciting for them.
  • Dogs of similar ability would run together.
  • I would consider it unfair to have a dog on leash whilst others are off, frolicking around (like a child not invited to the party!). In that instance I would walk/run with only one or two dogs on leash but separately from the pack.
  • Dogs who will be taken for a run will ease into it gently at first. So, initially I would combine a walk with intervals of running; then gradually increase the ratio of running for those who are able to do so. For this reason, I recommend that you have a veterinarian check your dog's heart and overall condition. In order to protect their hearts and joints, I will not run with dogs who are not fully grown ( 12 months for smaller breeds and 18 to 24 months for some larger breeds). Until then, they could still benefit from a walk/frolick combined!
  • Water will be provided during the walks/runs, and of course we would make sure their bowl is full before leaving them in your home.
  • Whether a 45 minute or 1h15 minute long program, I guarantee that your dog will spend that amount of time in the fields or parks. The time specified is not inclusive of travel from and back home. Also, I do not charge for petrol.
  • On wet days, we will towel down your dogs before letting them back into your house.
  • As an added security, your dogs will wear Paws To Run trademark colour bright orange collar and identity tag with my mobile number whilst on their walk with me.
  • On warm days, dogs running or cycling with me will be provided with cooling vests as an added comfort during their workout. This in addition of course to the water breaks (both for drinking and dipping into!).

We are fully insured to carry out all of the above activities.

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