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I have put my trust in dogs literally all my life. As a baby, I learned to walk by holding onto Dauphin, the family's black Royal poodle; grasping his collar I would toddle as he walked alongside at my pace. A prince of a dog, gentle enough with a baby, yet able to take on the neighbourhood bully of a boxer! In later years, if I was upset, he would be the first one I would turn to.

Thus started my passion for animals in general and dogs in particular. Throughout the years I have had 6 dogs, 4 of which were rescued and 2 of those were strays (Ralph, my fox terrier mix, crossed my path as he was wondering alone at 4 1/2 months old; Jim, a Labrador/German shepherd cross was found as he was limping down a deserted country road in Normandy, he was a fabulous companion and protector). So, yes I am a bit of a "dog magnet", even when out running on my own, dogs eagerly come to my encounter!

When I first started running, in Paris, France, my fox terrier Ralph would run with me. He would look at me and start to bark if he sensed someone was about to overtake us. We would accelerate and he would stop barking! Later, a new addition was a rescued labrador; the three of us eagerly took to the fields when we moved here. Unfortunately, they are now too old, one with a heart murmur, the other with a bad leg and arthritis, so we are content with gentle walks.

My love of dogs, running, and the outdoors, combined with the knowledge that many pets do not get enough exercise, is what sparked my idea of creating Paws To Run to fulfill the needs of both owners and pets.

Added to my personal experience with my dogs, I have also worked as a veterinarian assistant in a Veterinary Hospital in Annandale, Virginia, USA.


Animals have always been a major focus for me and I've always dreamed of working with them. People would say that I always seem to have a connection with animals, they always seem to love being around me as much as I love being around them. Suzanne noticed the connection I had with her dogs whilst I was working at her house. It was this that led her to ask me to be part of Paws To Run.

It was this same connection that led me to he decision of going to college to better my knowledge of animals and in 2012 I achieved a level 2 diploma in animal care. Within the course I was expected to study and produce documents giving details of the dietary and exercise needs of a wide range of household animals, varying from cats and dogs to hermit crabs and chinchillas. I was also required to study animal first aid techniques that would be vital in allowing the animal to survive long enough to seek professional help.

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